Our Mission

Our lab has been established in 2002 at RIKEN BioResource Research Center, Tsukuba, Japan. Aim of our team is to develop technologies and experimental tools/ resources for characterization of ‘genotype, epigenotype and phenotype’ of biological resources. Through these efforts, we will extend utilities of bioresources collected at RIKEN BRC. Based on these technologies and resource development, we will establish analytical platform for analyses of dynamic nature of mammalian genome in response to changes in various environmental factors. Using this platform, we will explore how environmental factors influence on development and growth of organisms, or on the onset of disease condition.

We also focus on early mammalian developmental processes. In particular, we are interested in development and genomic reprogramming process of pluripotent embryonic cells and germ cells. To study these precesses, we develop and characterize stem cell lines derived from these cells.

What’s new

We launch new homepage.