Topics of our research

Mouse Development – T/t complex mutants
T/t-complex is a genetic region on mouse chromosome 17. There exist a number of mutations affecting embryogenesis, epigenetic regulation and germ cell functions in this region. We are studying mammalian development through these mutations.
Embryonic Stem Cells, Germ Cells
Embryonic stem cells possess abilities to differentiate into many kinds of different cell types, yet maintaining undifferentiated state under certain culture conditions. Primordial germ cells are first cell type appeared in germ cell lineage. We are performing comprehensive analyses of gene expression and its regulation operating in these cells.
Developmental Epigenetics
During early development and in the process of germ cell formation, cells in this lineage undergo large scale changes in epigenetic status. Such changes are often called “genomic reporgramming”. The reprogramming processes are involved in phenomena such as X-chromosome inactivation/reactivation, and genomic imprinting. Also, extensive genomic reprogramming occurs in
germ cell development.
Mouse Functional Genomics
Mouse, Mus musculus, is the gold-standard of mammalian model organism used in various fields of life sciences. We are establishing experimental tools and resources for the analyses of various inbred strains including wild-derived strains such as MSM/Ms.